Topographical Training

Computer Based Topographical Training

Guaranteed pass first time, Topographical Test Training for PCO Licence, one2one training.

We will be provided computer-based training and training has designed exactly as following the TFL syllabus and the exam questions.

TfL Topographical Test for PCO Uber Licence Training Preparation, option for one2one tuition at my office or at your place.

We can make you pass your test first time. we can teach you all the essential skills required for you to master A-Z Book, software to practice, Mock test for theory and Route questions in order to pass your TfL topographical test.

The syllabus will be covered during the training.

31 Questions in Total.
  • 21 MCQ on General Topography(21×1=21)
  • 3 Short Routes (3×10=30)
  • 3 Medium Routes (3×15=45)
  • 4 Compass Directions and junctions (4×1=4)

Training will be provided exactly how will be the actual TfL test.

Why do you need to waste your money and time by paying training centres where they will teach you in a group, charge you lot of money without your complete personal satisfaction? For one2one consultation and training you can contact us confidently, we will give you option to choose to come to our office for training or one of our trainers will come to your home to teach you in your own time. It’s a very good opportunity especially who wants to pass immediately and get on the road as private hire car driver but no time to waste. We can provide training to all age group to make sure you understand and pass this test.

Training option

1. One to One Training (with option to come to our office or get train at your own place)
2. Group Training

For more information and the price call our office number. We will offer you the best option to meet your need.



Every PCO Licence applicant will need to complete an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously known as CRB check).

Your GP will need to complete the PHV/204 form included in the application pack.

Fill the Application form and send it out to TFL.

Applicant will be received a letter from TFL within 2-3 weeks to book topographical test.

After successfully completing the Topographical test, applicant will be received Licence within 4-6 weeks. (Could be delay the application if recurred to send further any documentation by TFL)