PCO Licence Application

PCO Application

PCO stands for the Public Carriage Office, which is the Department of Transport for London (TfL) responsible for awarding private-hire licenses to mini cab drivers in London. For your Complete Peace of Mind, let our team of Specialists at London PCO licence and training centre take care of the whole application process for you.

A person wants to work as a private hire and for big companies like Uber have to get PCO license. The first step to get official license is also a driver need at least three years of driving experience. A person cannot get a license without having at least 3 years of driving experience. After gaining the 3 years of experience the percentage required to apply for the PCO license by filling the application form. A person also needs to pay some fee for the application form and is also required to submit some documents and certificates along with application form.
A person not having PCO license training London cannot work as a private hire or any big company. And even if a person tries to do so then he will be find weather TFL authority. TFL is transport for London department which handles issuing the PCO private hire license to the capable drivers. It is also important for the driver to have fluency in English if it does not have any fluency in English then our team also provide in which training which will help the driver to clear the B1 English training test conducted by PCO.

The common process that everybody knows is that a driver needs to fill the PCO driver application, get a topographical training east London , English test and medical check up. But in reality of person also needs to take care of other things like points on his license and any criminal record if he hold any. The points on license should not be more than 12 otherwise a driver license can get cancelled. Intel driver is willing to have his own car then the age of the car should not be more than 10 years. Even if a driver gets the license after having points on license then and also know taxi company will hire him due to high points on license.

Requirement to get PCO Licence:

  • Over 21 Years Old
  • You must have the right to live and work in the UK
  • You must hold a full DVLA, Northern Ireland, or other EEA state driving license that’s minimum 3 years or older.
  • Meet DVLA Group 2 medical Standard
  • DBS (CRB) Check
  • Pass the Topographical Test
  • Pass English language Test (B1)



Every PCO Licence applicant will need to complete an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously known as CRB check).

Your GP will need to complete the PHV/204 form included in the application pack.

Fill the Application form and send it out to TFL.

Applicant will be received a letter from TFL within 2-3 weeks to book topographical test.

After successfully completing the Topographical test, applicant will be received Licence within 4-6 weeks. (Could be delay the application if recurred to send further any documentation by TFL)